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Infrastructure companies — like energy and public utilities — can use drone programs to inspect assets and infrastructure frequently to ensure safety, structural integrity, and regulatory compliance.

From wind turbines and solar farms to transmission lines and hydroelectric power plants. Infrastructure companies of every size can take advantage of drone programs to manage teams in multiple locations and run low-risk flight operations.

Drone programs can create a new standard for daily operations, taking safety and efficiency to a new level.

Mitigate Risks & Increase Efficiency

Drones can be a huge improvement in identifying safety concerns, tracking progress, and addressing potential problems before they can cause delays.

In matter of minutes is possible to create a 3D map and collect data, surveying and identifying leaks or damages.

Monitoring productivity, improving efficiency and avoiding waste is just a couple of the benefits that drone programs can deliver to your company.

Case Examples

  • Survey your infrastructure with a view from above while remaining safely on the ground;
  • Monitor transmission line status via RGB and Infrared technologies;
  • Create near-instant digital maps and share them electronically with team members;
  • Create 3D maps exportable to multiple CAD programs;
  • Monitor project progress over time;

Health & Safety

Drones programs are transforming utility and energy operations, driving safety, efficiency, and great access to data. A failure of any kind can have a significant impact on your ability to provide high-quality services.

Efficiency & Productivity

While it can take hours for a human inspection, a drone can do the same in a fraction of the time and costs. From site selection to surveying and identifying leaks (even underground), drones are becoming essential tools for infrastructure companies.

Lower Your Risks

We have the knowledge required to integrate compliance to ensure operational efficiency. Through a comprehensive general operating manual, we can establish standard operating procedures that reduce risks and increases safety.

Let us be your drone experts

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