Suavo for Construction & Engineering

Construction and engineering firms use drone programs to manage and overcome complex challenges, survey, model construction space, inspect and monitor sites.

The construction industry holds some of the most diverse and creative use cases for drones.

Construction companies use drones to save time, improve safety and acquire data they've never had access to before.

Mitigate Risks & Increase Efficiency

Drones can be a considerable Critical Path Method (CPM) aid and a big improvement in identifying safety concerns, tracking progress, and addressing potential problems that could cause delays.

With a drone, in a matter of minutes is possible to create 3D and orthomosaic maps useful to document progress.

Monitoring productivity, improving efficiency, and avoiding waste is just a couple of the benefits that drone programs can deliver to your construction company.

Case Examples

  • Monitor your project from above via 2D and 3D modeling and export to various CAD programs;
  • Monitor project progress and share digitally with team mates;
  • Volumetric calculations for all types of concrete foundations;
  • Monitor onsite subcontractor performance, post delivery locations and available area left for staging and safety protocols;
  • Monitor security measures in place throughout your project;

Safety First

Drones programs can be a significant safety improvement. It can help locate access points where civilians could enter the work area and potentially hurt themselves or facilitate inspections for companies that work along busy highways.

Time Efficiency

While it can take hours for a human inspection, a drone can do the same in a fraction of the time. That way, you can dedicate your team to activities that really matter, skyrocketing their efficiency.

Data Gathering

Visual data collected by a drone can help construction companies get a solid understanding of the entire site before the construction begins. The data gathering can drastically increase your business operations.

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