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Agricultural companies use drone programs to become more efficient in the field and make more informed crop management decisions.

Agronomists and agriculture professionals can take advantage of drone programs to detect crop health issues in real-time, accurately assess losses after a major weather event, and even generate variable rate prescriptions that can save time, money, and resources.

Drone programs are creating a new standard in daily agriculture operations, taking efficiency to a whole new level.

Mitigate Risks & Increase Efficiency

Drones can be a huge improvement in early detection and prevention. Agricultural engineers need days — sometimes even weeks — to detect crop diseases and invasive species in a farm.

While a drone can, in a matter of minutes, collect data and provide detailed maps, which can be used for measure the problem in real-time, and make decisions before a small problem spread to something much larger.

Monitoring productivity, improving efficiency, and avoiding waste is just a couple of the benefits that drone programs can deliver to your farm.

Case Examples

  • Monitor crop health via multispectral imagery
  • Identify crops at risk
  • Precision pesticide application
  • Identify potential irrigation issues

Reduced Pollution

Agricultural runoff has long since been an issue. Drones allow farmers to check on plant health and identify areas that need chemical administration. Once they’ve identified these areas, drones can deliver chemicals in a targeted fashion, minimizing runoff and ensuring uniform application.

Early Detection

While it can take hours for a human inspection, a drone can do the same in a fraction of the time and costs. Early detection of diseases and invasive species is crucial. In a matter of minutes, a drone can give you a high-quality map so farmers can make decisions on the spot.


A drone program can gather detailed images to evaluate fields. It's possible to use thermal cameras to identify cool, well-watered, and dry hot patches all at once and use all this data to adjust your irrigation efforts and avoid wasting water. The same can be done with runoff mapping and fertilizer efficiency.

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